Pig Dumplings (BAKPAO)

Pig Dumplings (BAKPAO)

“Bakpao” is a traditional snacks that came from China. “Pao”,it means “bundle” , and “Bak”, it means meat, so BAKPAO is a bundle that contains meat. Generally, the meat is a pork, but today, you can add chicken meat, azuki beans, jam, black sesame, and many more just like the way you want. The skin of BAKPAO made ​​from unleavened dough of wheat flour to develop the dough, after being given field, the batter is allowed to expand and in steamed until cooked. To distinguish the contents of dumplings, without meat (vegetarian) buns were usually over a drop of color, as well as other fields marked with different colors. And about the shape of the BAKPAO, you don’t need always to make a round shape, but you can modify the shape as making pig shape as shown, or any other form in according to your creativity and your desire.


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