Jajanan Pasar

Do you know what is Jajanan Pasar? It is a variations of Indonesian Street Snacks! Look at the photo and the description, will make you feel hungry and wanna eat soon! 😀



Klepon is a traditional rice cake from Indonesia. It is a boiled rice cake, stuffed with liquid gula jawa (palm sugar), and rolled in grated coconut. Klepon is green because it is flavored with a paste made from the pandan or dracaena plant whose leaves are used widely in South East Asian cooking. In other parts of Indonesia, such as in Sumatra and in neighboring Malaysia, klepon is called as onde-onde. While in Java onde-onde is refer to Chinese Jin deui, rice cake ball coated with sesame seeds filled with sweet greenbean paste. Klepon, along with getuk and cenil usually eaten as morning or afternoon snacks. To eat klepon must be careful because freshly boiled one usually contains hot palm sugar liquid that will pop out in a bite.



Getuk is a simple Javanese dish made from cassava. The cassava is peeled, boiled and mashed. Then it is mixed with grated coconut, sugar and small amounts of salt. Sugar can also be substituted with palm sugar to give it brownish color and more distinctive taste.


Kue Dodol

Kue Dodol is an Indonesian street snack. It is very soft and chewy, so i bet it is very delicious. It has many flavor like durian and chocolate, and many more. The most delicious dodol is Dodol Betawi that located in Jakarta, so it think you must try it! :D


lapis legit surabaya

Lapis Legit is a Dutch-Indonesian layered cake. It was developed during colonial times in the Dutch East Indies and may have been based on Dutch cake recipes using local ingredients[citation needed]. The cake is the Indo (Dutch-Indonesian) version of Baumkuchen and contains a popular mix of spices of cinnamon, clove, mace and anise.
In Indonesia, the cake is very popularly known as lapis legit, which literally means (very) rich layer-cake. The cake is very rich for a 20 cm × 20 cm size cake contains up to thirty egg yolks, 500 g of butter, and 400 g sugar.
The name of the cake is derived from its layered structure. This layered structured is achieved because of the many very thin layers of cake that are piled on the top of each other. A good lapis legit has more than eighteen layers. This makes the baking of spekkoek a very labour-intensive process. In Indonesia, it is usually eaten when New Year’s eve, Lebaran, and Christmas event.



Nagasari is an traditional Indonesian street snack, it is make from sukun and the filling is banana. But if you want to make it more healthy, you can make it from tuber (ubi) and the filling still banana. Its more delicious i think :D just try!


dadar gulung

Dadar Gulung is an Indonesian street snacks. The filling is coconut and you can added Java Sugar if you want, that will make it more delicious, so, just try it! and.. i prever you try it on “Sedap Alami”, it is a Healthy Restaurant, its located in Taman Permata Buana, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat, Indonesia and in Pesanggrahan, Jakarta Barat, Indonesia. So delicious, i’m sure about that :D !


kue putu

Kue Putu is an Indonesian traditional cakes. This cake contain palm sugar and grated coconut. This cake steamed in bamboo tubes placed in a slightly compressed and sold at sunset till late at night. Distinctive sound of steam hissing out of the tool is both a promotional tool for merchants who sell.


Kue Mangkok

Kue Mangkok is a Indonesian traditional snacks made from rice flour, wheat flour, and fermented cassava and cooked by steaming. This snacks shaped like a bowl and bloom at the end. Kue mangkok suitable for dessert in some event like birthday party or conference because they had so much wonderful colors.



Serabi is an Indonesian pancake that is made from rice flour with coconut milk or just plain shredded coconut as an emulsifier. Each province in Indonesia has various serabi recipes corresponding to local tastes. It is thought that the name for the dish came from the originator of the recipe who was at the time trying to recreate palačinke, an originally Serbian pancake. You can add many kinds off toppings you like, like mesis, milk, cheese, and many more. It is very DELICIOUS!


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